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Who We Are


We ask that you please do not send us emails privately asking for support. We are non-paid volunteers who help out with the project and we do not necessarily have the time or energy to help people on an individual basis. Instead, we have setup mailing lists which often contain hundreds of individuals who will help answer detailed requests for help. The benefit of using mailing lists over private communication is that it is a shared resource where others can also learn from common mistakes and as a community we all grow together.

The Incubator Project Management Commitee (PMC)

The Incubator PMC is responsible to the Board for the management of the Incubator Project. Only votes cast by members of the incubator PMC are binding upon Apache incubator releases. The work that this project is charged with overseeing differs from other projects and so functions a little differently.

The list of Incubator PMC members can be found at


Each podling status page lists its mentors. Please see the summary of Incubator projects.

Incubator Committers

Each podling status page lists its committers. Please see the summary of Incubator projects.

The list of all Incubator committers can be found on