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The Incubator website is generated by the incubator git repository. The primary document format is asciidoc, templates are based on gsp, and we use jbake to build it.

You can edit files directly on github and raise a pull request or just checkout the repository at

To work with the website, follow information on our README

After you make changes, the site is built automatically. Build failures are sent to cvs AT

Maintaining Status files

Podling status files are maintained in SVN, and you should continue to maintain them at

IP Clearance

IP Clearance is still maintained in SVN, and you should continue to maintain them at


The website is built on Jenkins, if you have karma you can trigger a build yourself. Commits to the git repo trigger builds automatically, and the website builds daily for other changes.

Help Wanted!

People with commit access to the "incubator" git repository can edit the source documents in the "content" directory. That is any ASF Member and any committer on a current podling in incubation. So you can all help to keep your project’s Status page up-to-date, and if you find problems with the "guidelines" docs then can immediately fix them. If unsure, then discuss changes on the general mailing list. Note that the "policy" documents need special treatment.

Anyone else can send patches to those documents to the INCUBATOR issue tracker.