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Set up a Podling Source Repository

The most important responsibility for mentors is to set up the podling source repository. Podlings can choose between Subversion and Git for source control. For Git, podlings may use repositories hosted at Apache, or within GitHub in the Apache organization.

Set up a Git Repository

Request a new git repository via This service will initialize a new repository, set up github mirrors and enable integrations for that repository.

Historically, the Foundation’s policy is to grant access to git repositories broadly to the incubator group, not narrowly podling-by-podling. So, once the repository exists, incubator group members gain access without further work. Once the podling graduates, a dedicated ldap group will be created to manage access and only those members will have access.

Set up an SVN Repository

If the podling chooses SVN, you must create the repository and give read/write access to the repository to all the committers for the podling. This involves requesting new committer accounts and granting access to mentors and existing Apache committers.

Setting up a podling subversion repository has two steps: Creating the SVN space and configuring the authorization (in both SVN and Git).

Create the workspace in SVN. This requires commit access to the incubator SVN repository. Each podling has its own subdirectory of the incubator SVN repository. To create the podling subdirectory, the mentor executes the SVN command to create a remote directory: svn mkdir{podling}.

Raise an INFRA Jira ticket to get the SVN auth file updated.

This is a convenient time to add authorization for committers who have accounts.

Authorization karma is restricted. If no Mentor has this karma, post an email to IPMC private list requesting it.

Authorize Committers

The process to add committers to the podling depends on whether the new committer is already an Apache committer and whether the new committer is in the list of original committers:

  • The committer is in the list of original committers in the podling proposal to the incubator and is not already an Apache committer:

    • Ask developers to send their ICLAs to according to standard procedure. Note that you must sign ICLA forms, either by hand or by digital signature.

    • Developers should choose an Apache ID that is not already listed here.

    • Developers should enter their preferred Apache ID on the ICLA and enter the podling name in the "notify" field of the ICLA.

  • If the committer is in the list of original committers in the podling proposal to the incubator and is already an Apache committer, only incubator authorization is required.

  • The committer was voted by the PPMC and approved by the incubator PMC:

Perform one of the above procedures depending on whether the committer is already an Apache committer on another project.

Incubator Access Authorization

Special karma is required to authorize incubator access for committers. This karma is limited to:

  • IPMC Members

  • Secretary

  • Infrastructure

IPMC Members should use Whimsy’s Roster Tool to add existing commiters.