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Incubator Email Lists Guide

Archive Policy

Please read the Apache Public Forum Archive Policy before sending email to any list.

Incubator-wide Email Lists

general at

This email list is where general and public discussions related to the Incubator take place. - Subscribe - Unsubscribe -">Searchable Archives

You can also use Whimsy to manage your subscriptions if you are a committer at Apache.

cvs at

This email list is the Incubator’s "commits" list, named "cvs" for historical reasons. Changes to the Incubator codebase, the Incubator website and the Incubator wiki trigger automatic notifications to this list. Replies go to the general list.

podlings at

This email alias is for the dev lists for all active podlings. We use it for incubator-wide announcements so podling participants don’t need to subscribe to general to get all information. Send email to podlings@incubator as a BCC, sent to general, to avoid spamming all of the podlings.

Podling Email Lists

Each podling under incubation has its own email lists, which should be easily discovered via the podling website or via the podling status pages. These are the right place to get involved with a particular project or to ask project-specific questions. They form the public record of the development of the project. All lists are archived.

Foundation-wide Email Lists

Many ASF-wide lists will be of interest to Incubator participants. The legal discussion, infrastructure, and community lists are especially relevant for PPMC members and release managers trying to develop their knowledge and stay current.