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Apache GraphAr (Incubating)

GraphAr is an open-source and language-independent data file format designed for efficient graph data storage and retrieval.

  • Resources: graphar

  • Started: 2024-03-25; Last Status Update: 2024-04-07

  • Reporting: Monthly

  • Committers: 9

  • All Committers are PPMC members

  • Mentors: Calvin Kirs (kirs), tison (tison), Xiaoqiao He (hexiaoqiao), Yu Li (liyu)


  • 2024-03-25 Project enters incubation.


Project Website


1: incubator-graphar

| Gitbox | Github | An open source, standard data file format for graph data stor…​ — Updated: 04/19/2024

2: incubator-graphar-testing

| Gitbox | Github | Auxiliary testing data files for Apache GraphAr (Incubating). — Updated: 04/07/2024

3: incubator-graphar-website

| Gitbox | Github | Apache GraphAr Website — Updated: 04/17/2024



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