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Apache Fury (Incubating)

A blazing fast multi-language serialization framework powered by jit and zero-copy

  • Resources: fury

  • Started: 2023-12-15; Last Status Update: 2023-12-16

  • Reporting: Monthly

  • Committers: 8

  • All Committers are PPMC members

  • Mentors: tison (tison), PJ Fanning (fanningpj), Yu Li (liyu), Xin Wang (xinwang), Enrico Olivelli (eolivelli)


  • 2023-12-15 Project enters incubation.


Project Website


1: incubator-fury

| Gitbox | Github | A blazing fast multi-language serialization framework powered…​ — Updated: 02/21/2024

2: incubator-fury-site

| Gitbox | Github | Apache Fury Website — Updated: 02/11/2024



It is essential that you verify the integrity of release downloads. See instructions here Fury has Signing Keys with either no or invalid releases


Please investigate the following potential issues

The podling website scan does the best it can. Details are found here