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TVM Project Incubation Status

This page tracks the project status, incubator-wise. For more general project status, look on the project website.

The TVM project graduated on 2020-11-18


TVM is a full stack open deep learning compiler stack for CPUs, GPUs, and specialized accelerators. It aims to close the gap between the productivity-focused deep learning frameworks, and the performance- or efficiency-oriented hardware backends.


Project info

item type reference
Website www
. wiki .
Mailing list dev
. commits
. private
Bug tracking .
Source code Git
Champion weimer Markus Weimer
Mentors ssc Sebastian Schelter
. bgchun Byung-Gon Chun
. hsaputra Henry Saputra
. tnachen Timothy Chen
. kamaci Furkan Kamaci
. tqchen Tianqi Chen
Committers anijain2305 Animesh Jain
. huyuwei Yuwei Hu
. nhynes Nick Hynes
. ziheng Ziheng Jiang
. liuyizhi Yizhi Liu
. moreau Thierry Moreau
. jroesch Jared Roesch
. siva Siva
. shenhaichen Haichen Shen
. masahi Masahiro Masuda
. hlu1 Hao Lu
. laurawly Leyuan Wang
. eqy Eddie Yan
. lianminzheng Lianming Zheng
. were Jian Weng
. kazum Kazutaka Morita
. kparzysz Krzysztof Parzyszek
. liangfu Liangfu Chen
. marisa Marisa Kirisame
. sijusamuel Siju Samuel
. wweic Wei Chen
. wuwei Wuwei Lin
. kevinthesun Yao Wang
. zhaowu Zhao Wu

Incubation status reports

Incubation work items

Project Setup

This is the first phase on incubation, needed to start the project at Apache.

Item assignment is shown by the Apache id. Completed tasks are shown by the completion date (2019-03-06).


Things to check for before voting the project out.

Organizational acceptance of responsibility for the project

  • If graduating to an existing PMC, has the PMC voted to accept it?
  • If graduating to a new PMC, has the board voted to accept it?

Incubator sign-off

  • Has the Incubator decided that the project has accomplished all of the above tasks?