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HTrace is a tracing framework for use with distributed systems written in java. HTrace is currently in a repository on the Cloudera public github at This clearance is for HTrace at as of commit 22c4fac69eef035d8cc2819febdc4ac14c1fb99a .

Project info

  • Which PMC will be responsible for the code: HTrace (incubating) PMC
  • Into which existing project/module: HTrace (incubating)
  • Officer or member managing donation: Michael Stack (stack)

Completed tasks are shown by the completion date (YYYY-MM-dd).

Identify the codebase

date item
2014-11-11 as of commit 22c4fac69eef035d8cc2819febdc4ac14c1fb99a or see tarball at Its md5 is ed8901e64ff35e93fb78ebd1c9056385
date item
2014-11-11 Software Grant of HTrace project mailed to secretary@apache. Had to be resent 2014-11-26 signed by a VP of Cloudera, Inc. (Peter Cooper Ellis).
2014-11-27 Grant ack'd by secretary@apache
To: Peter Cooper Ellis <>
                    Message-ID: <5477bcd888b9c_1d8dc1e0f8608b9@whimsy-vm.mail>
                    Subject: Your Grant sent to Apache Secretary
                    Mime-Version: 1.0
                    Content-Type: text/plain;
                     Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

                     Dear Peter Cooper Ellis,

                     This message acknowledges receipt of the following document, which has been filed in the Apache Software Foundation records:

                       Grant from Cloudera, Inc.

                       -- Craig L Russell
                       Secretary, Apache Software Foundation
N/A Check and make sure that the files that have been donated have been updated to reflect the new ASF copyright. The project was already licensed Apache 2.0.

Identify name recorded for software grant: Cloudera, Inc., file cloudera-htrace.pdf, for htrace

Verify distribution rights

Corporations and individuals holding existing distribution rights:

  • Cloudera, Inc.
date item
2014-11-11 All active committers have a signed CLA on record.
2014-11-11 Remind active committers that they are responsible for ensuring that a Corporate CLA is recorded if such is required to authorize their contributions under their individual CLA.
2014-11-11 Check and make sure that for all items included with the distribution that is not under the Apache license, we have the right to combine with Apache-licensed code and redistribute.
2014-11-11 Check and make sure that all items depended upon by the project is covered by one or more of the following approved licenses: Apache, BSD, Artistic, MIT/X, MIT/W3C, MPL 1.1, or something with essentially the same terms.

Generally, the result of checking off these items will be a Software Grant, CLA, and Corporate CLA for ASF licensed code, which must have no dependencies upon items whose licenses that are incompatible with the Apache License.

Organizational acceptance of responsibility for the project

Related VOTEs:

  • The VOTE thread accepting the donation is up on the dev mailing list for htrace: