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Fineract CN Codebase Intellectual Property (IP) Clearance Status


Fineract CN is a cloud-native, microservice-based rewrite of Fineract. It also includes a UI. The microservices and their libraries and integration tests are Spring-based Java code spread across 33 code repositories. The UI is a single repository containing Angular-based JavaScript and Typescript. There is also a Selenium based test-suite for the UI in its own repository. The code was developed at the Mifos Initiative starting at the beginning of 2016, and at Kuelap since March 2017. Kuelap donated the code developed there to the Mifos Initiative. This rearchitecture was originally called Mifos I/O.

Project info

  • The Fineract project will be responsible for managing this code.
  • New gitbox repos have been created for each repository.
  • The following people will be managing this contribution:
    • Myrle Krantz (Apache Fineract PMC Chair, and former employee of both the Mifos Initiative and Kuelap.)
    • Ed Cable (Apache Fineract PMC Member, and CEO of the Mifos Initiative which donated the code.)

Completed tasks are shown by the completion date (YYYY-MM-dd).

Identify the codebase

date item
2018-04-09 The name Fineract already belongs to Apache.

These repositories were originally under They have been deleted there and are now available as a snapshot under The repositories and commit ids there are:

repository commit id
demo-server ba85aa29bffcccf4d6c6d39e82a6196f51d2d68c
default-setup 109e641787d06edad3d8147fcee8af86f6a1eb0b
accounting 2e4730ce2e66f469ea409223a34b1133ca71e8ce
fims-e2e 8821edd800a28f06bae8260e1fe7ebe49238095c
fims-web-app c97119c5e63c038eed11ad32e16b490189f66049
portfolio d4fb74c2e94d95f02f51c51d534d03b6fc88be89
deposit-account-management 9f00a397e08d46f553816910b503e7283ba3bd21
customer 3962e1885372803d9af814376e8fd905b9ba98a8
teller b67978315835b8c90c8e6dafaea6580d808a1734
cheques 6efef67d3f49bdc258cf5265c292ced72ee21c15
payroll 8405db37c70093c36b0ddffc744b6cf54f4853cc
reporting de1fa388c9935299c8e35a009647c9e8065a455c
office 12e26137ad24b94c1e6504d2de37022040ddae5e
rhythm 0abeb5819a1f67c1aac403d3a632bb0f6f25b18a
provisioner d5e8876d902bcb0f6e7041a2e6454c351e5fef6b
permitted-feign-client 5dae48798f97d52833de59a241ef2ecce9abdbc7
mariadb 496703ce8bf876002a482a1d9d06300cc6572e2f
api b00a37ea9849a0db285ede50847e7c8c7031d192
lang 9cc432c2869bf882545a4052a823b28b9fad5eb8
test-accounting-portfolio 9e034f7bb6e7fd6e80c98b9f754f14c5ff63df34
identity 2b8d42744cf451221aefbd98e30b8d0da7e8b890
test-provisioner-identity-rhythm-portfolio-accounting 4e72a7fa8f4a59d93a6849f35daafb6575aebb57
anubis 5f919f4c1f03d06ed36d3adf5dbe17e950e048a6
template 08f84198fe12b8b7547ef6c104a3be23558278be
test 3f53d9d01df04791da51a46cb3460971dcb58d7a
cassandra 9b07e76645a89222986c8038afeb68a9b720d4ac
command 31e95658a7487c31eacd839480b32677581f8912
async a28cd1ed14b3a70d0a5f3ccfba2710c6623bf0bf
service-starter 008380d4b14540c2833b3eaecda42f5e0db95eab
crypto 09e3e610fbf62f3a782331423c03aec3b969092c
test-provisioner-identity-organization 330aee5649d8176e10f78795344fe23eb21a3e8f
group c759a24270439822653b38ce01937c7899e3de32
data-jpa b78dadec2e481c3eb51184e85eeac0270d4a979e

date item
2017-11-06 The software grant agreement was filed by the Mifos Initiative and acknowledged by the secretary.
2018-03-16 The last of the changes to reflect the new ASF copyright were completed.

Name recorded for software grant: from the Mifos Initiative

Verify distribution rights

Corporations and individuals holding existing distribution rights:

  • Mifos Initiative
date item
2018-02-19 Active committers have signed an ICLA. Last one was here:
2018-04-09 Committers have been reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that a Corporate CLA is recorded if such is required.
2018-04-18 Five files in service-starter (in package are copied from an eclipse-licensed sample project. All other code is original code submitted to the Mifos Initiative by its original authors.
2018-04-18 There are currently three dependencies with Category X licenses (embedded MariaDB for testing, MariaDB JDBC driver for accessing MySQL database, Hibernate JPA). 'Blocker' JIRA tickets have been written to describe the replacement of those dependencies with alternatives: FINCN-26, FINCN-27, FINCN-2.

Organizational acceptance of responsibility for the project

Related VOTEs:

  • Two thirds of the committers at the time voted to accept the code donation: