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Codebase IP Clearance for Apache Arrow DataFusion Comet

Apache Arrow DataFusion Comet Codebase Intellectual Property (IP) Clearance Status


Apache Arrow DataFusion Comet is a Spark native engine powered by Apache Arrow DataFusion and the Rust implementation of Apache Arrow. It is being donated as a new repository within the Apache Arrow project and consists of approximately 35,000 lines of code.

Project info

  • The Apache Arrow PMC will be responsible for the code
  • It will be integrated into the Apache Arrow project in a new repository
  • Officer or member managing donation: Andy Grove (Apache Arrow PMC Chair)

Completed tasks are shown by the completion date (YYYY-MM-dd).

Identify the codebase

date item
2024-02-03 A United States Trademark Search shows that there are a number of wordmark trademarks for COMET in computer software, but none conflict with the scope of the Apache Arrow DataFusion Comet project.

There are a few that mention data analytics, but in the context of analyzing specific types of data (e.g. education data and website analytics) as part of a hosted service, and none of them are related to building a Spark native engine.

Class 042 100 101. G & S: IC 042: Providing on-line, non-downloadable, web-based computer software applications and an on-line interactive database for temporary use for use by educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations for the collection, centralized storage, analysis, and reporting of qualitative and quantitative data or information related to children or students, teachers or child professionals, principals or program directors, schools or programs, and/or school districts or communities.
Class 042 100 101. G & S: IC 042: Computer services, namely, hosting and maintaining an on-line web site and platform for others for collaboratively brainstorming, developing, managing, planning, coordinating, modifying, tracking, testing, reviewing, publishing and archiving digital computer programs including machine learning and artificial intelligence, documentation, technical, documents, contracts, sprints, stories, bugs and issues; consulting services in the field of artificial intelligence; consulting services in the field of design, selection, implementation and use of computer hardware and software systems for others; IT consulting services.
University Corporation for AtmosphericResearch (CORPORATION; COLORADO, USA)
Class 009 026 038. G & S: IC 009: computer software, printed documentation, audio tapes, video tapes and compact discs all containing meteorological training and educational information all sold as a unit.
Advanced Medical Predictive Devices, Diagnostics and Displays, Inc. (CORPORATION; VIRGINIA,
Class 042 100 101. G & S: IC 042: Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for assessing risk of certain sub-acute medical conditions.
Cox Enterprises, Inc. (CORPORATION; DELAWARE, USA)
Class 042 100 101. G & S: IC 042: Software as a service (SAAS) services, namely, providing online non-downloadable computer software for data collection, data analytics, and audience measurement and insight, and compiling demographic, lifestyle, and/or behavioral data of existing and potential consumers, and segmentation and distribution of such data; and providing non-downloadable software platforms, algorithms and interfaces for social media and website monitoring, data mining, news monitoring, customer relations monitoring, consumer/customer sentiment monitoring, brand monitoring, determination of data relationships, data storage services, and extraction of content; providing online non-downloadable software to perform internet marketing, website traffic optimization, and business research and intelligence by utilizing data analytics, retail analytics, stream processing and analytics, large volume data processing, user conversion optimization, customer analysis, website visitor analysis and website analysis; providing online non-downloadable software for developing, launching, displaying, editing, managing, measuring, tracking and analyzing advertisements and sales and advertising campaigns.
Class 009 021 026 038 036 023. G & S: IC 009: Medical care outcome reporting software for the healthcare industry.
Class 042 100 101. G & S: IC 042: Providing on-line non-downloadable software for physicians to view continuing education courses and to track physicians' continuing medical education credits.
Parsons Corproration (CORPORATION; DELAWARE, USA)
Class 009 026 038 021 036 023. G & S: IC 009: Computer software for use in energy assessment and capital planning, namely, a software application for collecting and recording data about the current energy condition, adequacy, inventory and usage of a building, and for calculating the Energy Utilization Index, Carbon Footprint, and LEED compliance, and that is able to predict future conditions through life cycling.
Affinity Solutions, Inc. (CORPORATION; DELAWARE, USA)
Class 042 100 101. G & S: IC 042: Providing online non-downloadable software for enabling users to review, analyze, report and export processed data from a secure, curated database of consumer-permissioned purchase data and to combine, compare and match such data with data from the user's proprietary datasets and third-party datasets, all in the field of curated consumer-permissioned purchase data; providing online non-downloadable software for facilitating and streamlining the creation of data solutions for strategies, insight, and guidance on marketing and consumer behavior in a secure and private cloud environment, all in the field of curated consumer-permissioned purchase data; providing online non-downloadable software featuring algorithms and step-by-step processes for enabling users to leverage purchase data, media viewing data, identity graph data and data analytic methods in order to connect deterministic purchase-behavior activity to media viewing behaviors for the purposes of planning, optimizing and measuring the effectiveness of media-based advertising.

The code is provided in the form of a GitHub Pull Request at

date item
2024-02-03 Check and make sure that the papers that transfer rights to the ASF been received. It is only necessary to transfer rights for the package, the core code, and any new code produced by the project.
2024-01-07 The changes in the donation PR include adding the ASF copyright, verified manually as well as by the automated RAT check (link).

Identify name recorded for software grant: the name of the grant as recorded in the foundation/officers area, in either grants.txt or cclas.txt, so that the grant can be easily identified. If recorded in the grants.txt document, use the "for" or title. If recorded in the cclas.txt document, use the company name (field 2 without submitter name) and the "form on file" name (field 4, without any people's names).

Verify distribution rights

Corporations and individuals holding existing distribution rights:

  • Apple
date item
2024-02-05 Check that all active committers have a signed CLA on record.
2024-02-03 Remind active committers that they are responsible for ensuring that a Corporate CLA is recorded if such is required to authorize their contributions under their individual CLA (link).
2024-02-03 Check and make sure that for all items included with the distribution that is not under the Apache license, we have the right to combine with Apache-licensed code and redistribute (Does not apply in this case).
2024-02-03 Check and make sure that all items depended upon by the project is covered by one or more of the following approved licenses: Apache, BSD, Artistic, MIT/X, MIT/W3C, MPL 1.1, or something with essentially the same terms (see here and here).

Generally, the result of checking off these items will be a Software Grant, CLA, and Corporate CLA for ASF licensed code, which must have no dependencies upon items whose licenses that are incompatible with the Apache License.

Organizational acceptance of responsibility for the project

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