Mailing Lists

The mailing lists are the primary coordination mechanism for Apache Projects. This is where we work together, discuss code and community issues, and collectively decide on plans for the futrue. Everyone is welcome to join the mailing lists and we highly encourage doing so if you are interested in becoming part of the community.

Wave Developer List

The wave developer list is a place for contributors to discuss the ongoing development in the Apache Wave project. This is where new ideas are explored and where questions regarding development should be asked.
This list is also where votes take place among the project committers to make decisions regarding the future of the project.

If you'd like to participate in the development of wave, please subscribe to the Wave Developer mailing list. The Wave Developer mailing list address is :

Wave Commits List

If you would like to be notified when changes are made to the wave source code, please subscribe to the Wave Commits List. The Wave Commits mailing list address is :