Getting Involved

Thank you for your interest in Apache Wave. We are only as strong as our community and we always welcome contribution from new participants.


The first step in getting involved is to join the Wave Developer mailing list.
It is here where we discuss the code, design the protocols, plan for the future and consider the health of the community. There are many ways to get involved including:

  • Code Development
  • Documentation
  • Requirements Discussion
  • User Feedback
  • Design
  • Helping with the web site.
  • Etc...


We welcome patches to the code. If you're looking for something to work on:

  • Check out our open issues in the Issue Tracker.
  • If you want to work on something not listed here, go ahead. You can even add an issue if you like.
  • If you need help, don't hesitate to ask for it on the mailing list.
  • When your patch is ready, put it on the Review Board at and request code review.
  • You can submit the patch for the Wave Git mirror repository (wave-git).


Right now we are in the process of migrating documentation from and the wave-protocol Google Code site to the documentation repository. All help is welcome.


Every so often we like to package up the current state of the repositories into a release for everyone to use. One of the committers will propose on the wave-dev mailing list the creation of a release candidate, and offer the prebuilt artifacts they suggest to release.

Everyone is welcome to download and try out these builds, offering their feedback onto the wave-dev list, and providing a vote for/against the release of these artifacts.

The current release can be found on the Downloads page.

The main repository (incubator-wave.git) is also set up to automatically run tests and build potential artifacts after every commit using Jenkins. More information about these nightly builds can be found here.