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Apache Linkis (Incubating)

Apache Linkis is a computation middleware project, which decouples the upper applications and the underlying data engines, provides standardized interfaces (REST, JDBC, WebSocket etc.) to easily connect to various underlying engines (Spark, Presto, Flink, etc.).

  • Resources: linkis

  • Started: 2021-08-02; Last Status Update: 2021-08-10

  • Reporting: February, May, August, November

  • Committers: 19

  • All Committers are PPMC members

  • Mentors: Duo Zhang (zhangduo), Lidong Dai (lidongdai), Shaofeng Shi (shaofengshi), Saisai Shao (jshao), Junping Du (junping_du)


  • 2021-08-02 Project enters incubation.


Mailing Lists

  • No developer mailing list

  • No commits mailing list


1: incubator-linkis

| Gitbox | Github | Linkis helps easily connect to various back-end computation/s…​ — Updated: 01/15/2022

2: incubator-linkis-website

| Gitbox | Github | Apache Linkis documents — Updated: 01/14/2022



It is essential that you verify the integrity of release downloads. See instructions here Linkis has Signing Keys with either no or invalid releases