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Variable Field
You can use the following code to create a variable field, and set the value.

            TextDocument doc = TextDocument.newTextDocument();
Paragraph paragraph = doc.addParagraph("test_con_variable:");
VariableField simpleVariableField = Fields.createSimpleVariableField(doc, "test_con_variable");
simpleVariableField.updateField("true", paragraph.getOdfElement());

Following code can be used to set value to variable field, and append it to an ODF element.

            simpleVariableField.updateField("user variable content", null);

Condition Field
Following code can be used to create a condition field.

            Paragraph newParagraph = doc.addParagraph("Condition Field Test:");
ConditionField conditionField = Fields.createConditionField(newParagraph.getOdfElement(), "test_con_variable == \"true\"",
"trueText", "falseText");

Hidden Field
Following code can be used to create a hidden field.

            newParagraph = doc.addParagraph("Hide Text Field Test:");
conditionField = Fields.createHiddenTextField(newParagraph.getOdfElement(), "test_con_variable == \"true\"", "hiddenText");

Cross Reference Field
Following code can be used to create a reference field.

            OdfElement newTextSpanElement = ((TextPElement)doc.addParagraph("Reference Content:").getOdfElement()).newTextSpanElement();
newTextSpanElement.setTextContent("This is a test reference content.");
ReferenceField referenceField = Fields.createReferenceField(newTextSpanElement, "test-ref");

Following code can be used to append a reference field.

            referenceField.appendReferenceTo(doc.addParagraph("User Reference Field:").getOdfElement(), ReferenceField.DisplayType.TEXT);

Chapter Field
Following code can be used to create a chapter field.

            ChapterField chapterField = Fields.createChapterField(doc.addParagraph("Chapter:").getOdfElement());

Title and Subject Field
Following code can be used to create a title field.

            TitleField titleField = Fields.createTitleField(doc.addParagraph("The Title:").getOdfElement());

Following code can be used to create a subject field.

            SubjectField subjectField = Fields.createSubjectField(doc.addParagraph("The Subject:").getOdfElement());

Author Field
Following code can be used to create a author initial field and a author name field.

            AuthorField authorField = Fields.createAuthorInitialsField(doc.addParagraph("The initials of the author :").getOdfElement());
authorField = Fields.createAuthorNameField(doc.addParagraph("Author:").getOdfElement());

Page Number Field
Following code can be used to create a current page number field.

            PageNumberField numberField = Fields.createCurrentPageNumberField(doc.addParagraph("Current Page Number:").getOdfElement());

Following code can be used to create a previous page number and a next page number field.

            numberField = Fields.createPreviousPageNumberField(doc.addParagraph("Previous Page Number:").getOdfElement());
numberField = Fields.createNextPageNumberField(doc.addParagraph("Next Page Number:").getOdfElement());

Page Number Field
Following code can be used to create a page count field, and set the number format.

            PageCountField countField = Fields.createPageCountField(doc.addParagraph("Page Count:").getOdfElement());

Date Field
Following code can be used to create a date field, and set the format.

            DateField dateField = Fields.createDateField(doc.addParagraph("Date:").getOdfElement());

Time Field
Following code can be used to create a time field, and set the format.

            TimeField timeField = Fields.createTimeField(doc.addParagraph("Time:").getOdfElement());
timeField.formatTime("HH:mm:ss a");

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