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Get Column/Row
The class Column/Row represents the column/row of table.To get all the columns or rows you can use the getColumnList or getRowList of the table instance.

    List<Column> columns = table.getColumnList();
List<Row> rows = table.getRowList();

You can also get single column/row by specifying the index of the column/row.
The column/row index start from 0.If not found, null will be returned.

Column column = table.getColumnByIndex(2);
Row row = table.getRowByIndex(0);

If you want to know the count of header column/row in the table,you can do like this:

    int headerColumnCount = table.getHeaderColumnCount();
int headerRowCount = table.getHeaderRowCount();

If you want to know the index of the column/row,you can use the method below:

    int columnIndex=column.getColumnIndex();
int rowIndex=row.getRowIndex();

Can I get the previous or next Column/Row by the current column/row instance?
Yes,you can ask the column/row instance itself,if it doesn't exist,null will be returned.

    Column previousCol=column.getPreviousColumn();
Column nextCol=column.getNextColumn();
Row previousRow=row.getPreviousRow();
Row nextRow=row.getNextRow();

Append or Insert Column/Row
You can add a column to the end or insert many columns before the specified index
The appendColumn/Row method add an empty column/row at the end and return the new appended column/row

    Column newColumn=table.appendColumn();
Row newRow=table.appendRow();

What can I do if I want to insert a column/row into the specified position?
You can use the insertColumn/RowBefore method,whose first parameter is the index of the column/row to be inserted before; The second parameter is the number of columns/rows to be inserted.

    List<Column> cols = table.insertColumnsBefore(1, 2);
List<Row> newRows = table.insertRowsBefore(0, 2);

Remove Columns/Rows
You can delete a number of columns/rows by index
The first parameter is the index of the first column/row to delete; The second parameter is the number of columns/rows to delete.
The code below remove 1 column whose index is 2;remove 2 rows whose index is 1,2.

    table.removeColumnsByIndex(2, 1);
table.removeRowsByIndex(1, 2);

Set Column/Row
If you want to change the width of the column or the height of the row,you can use it like this:
If the second parameter of row's setHeight is true, the row can fit the height to the text, vice versa.

row.setHeight(row.getHeight()/2, true);

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