Function analysis

This page is used to analysis the functions and requirements, and discuss the priority and the project plan.

Requirements Tracking

Below are requirements from our users.

Requirements for table (2010.12.20)

Requirements for section and text box (2010.12.20)

Functions Collection

Follow are functions collected from a perspective of an Office software user.


Select something, cut or copy it, and paste to somewhere else. These operations are easily made in Office softwares, but are hard done in APIs. The functions include:

FunctionsPlan and status
Create a "selection"
Create a "position"
Cut a selection
Copy a selection
Paste a selection
Delete a selection

With these functions, users can easily go to a certain place in the whole document. These functions can provide methods to get a certain heading, get a certain image, get a certain table and so on. The functions include:


With this feature, users can create fields in the document. The available fields include:

The functions include:


With frame, users can create a layout of one or more columns of text and objects. The functions include:

Text frame

The functions include:


With graphics, users can insert a picture or create with shapes. The functions include:


Sections are named blocks of text, including graphics or objects. With section, users can:

The functions include:

Bullet & numbering

To create bullet and numbering. The functions include:


To create heading of a document. The functions include:

Table of Content

To create a TOC at some place.


With these function, you can set header and footer.


With these function, you can create footnote or endnote in your document.

With these function, you can create a hyperlink in your document.


With these function, you can add break characters in your document.

Page numbering

With these function, you can add page numbering in your document.


With this function, you can add comment to your document.

Document bookmark

To create bookmark


To create a fontwork


To create a chart

OLE object

To operate OLE object

Layout and columns

To edit the layout and columns properties


To provide functions to manipulate table. Following functions have been provided:

Filter and validity

To provide filter/validity functions to data in a table


To group rows or columns

Data pilot

To create or delete data pilot in a spreadsheet document.


To split a cell


To manipulate slides. Following functions have been provided:

Master Slide

To manipulate master slides


To manipulate the animation settings.

Page setup

To define the page setup.

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