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The Simple Java API for ODF focuses on the high level methods development. It has three layers:

  1. Feature Layer provides convenient methods for features in ODF documents, for example, table, style, metadata. It has several packages, e.g. org.odftoolkit.simple.table, ''org.odftoolkit.simple.presentation''. Each package is either related with a specific document type or related with a common feature.
  2. Document Layer has classes defined for each document type, for example, TextDocument, PresentationDocument, SpreadsheetDocument. The root package is in this layer.
  3. Business Layer provides more high level methods which are driven from business scenarios. These methods are not related with a document type nor a common feature. The package org.odftoolkit.simple.common package is in this layer.

Following diagram shows the structure of Simple Java API for ODF. The yellow boxes represent packages. The root package is org.odftoolkit.simple. The other packages are under the root package, and the name has eliminated org.odftoolkit.simple.

Layers of ODF Toolkit

API changes from ODFDOM

The Simple Java API has corresponding classes for the document layer of ODFDOM. Follow table shows the mapping between ODFDOM and Simple Java API.

Note: The first column "ODFDOM Package" is relative to "org.odftoolkit.odfdom", and the third column "Simple Package" is relative to "org.odftoolkit.simple".

ODFDOM Package ODFDOM Class Simple Package Simple Class
doc OdfDocument root Document
OdfTextDocument TextDocument
OdfSpreadsheetDocument SpreadsheetDocument
OdfPresentationDocument PresentationDocument
OdfChartDocument ChartDocument
OdfGraphicsDocument GraphicsDocument
doc.table OdfTable table Table
OdfTableRow Row
OdfTableColumn Column
OdfTableCell Cell
OdfTableCellRange CellRange
doc.presentation OdfSlide presentation Slide
OdfPresentationNotes Notes
incubator.meta OdfOfficeMeta meta Meta
OdfMetaDocumentStatistic DocumentStatistic common.navigation
incubator.doc.text common

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