Project Overview

The ODFDOM project's objective is to provide an easy API for reading, writing and manipulating documents of the OpenDocument format (ODF). To archive this, the ODFDOM API follows a layered approach to access documents, as layered design is the robust foundation for a well-designed modular structure.

The two ODFDOM layers are:

-The ODF Package Layer:
Provides access to all resources stored within the ODF package, such as XML streams, images or embedded objects. This layer covers all features from the third part of the ODF 1.2 specification defining the ODF Package features. The ODF 1.2 package features are build on top technologies as ZIP package handling, W3C encryption, W3C signature and W3C metadata.

-The ODF XML Layer:
Provides all the features of an office format, such as tables, images, numbering etc. All features are defined in the first part of the ODF 1.2 specification describing the ODF XML schema. This layer consists of two APIs representing two different views on the features:

alt text

ODFDOM is part of Apache ODF Toolkit project. Development is discussed on the dev mailing list, users should ask their questions on the users mailing list.

More detailed information about ODFDOM layers.

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