Making VS Project Files Portable

To be able to make VS project files portable, NPanday 1.1 and above provides the Resync References functionality. This will synchronize the references so that the project will still run in other user's machine. Added references will be stored in hidden folder named ".references". When the project is used in other user's machine, the Resync References functionality will download and store the references in the ".references" folder.

To use Resync References button, right click on the project and go to 'All NPanday Projects' or 'Current NPanday Project' in the context menu and select 'Resync References'.

Intra-project references are skipped on Resync. Since this behavior was just applied recently in Version 1.0.2, old POMs with intra-project references might generate an error during Resync or Import. To fix this, remove the reference and add it back again. Or simply delete the POM and re-import the project.

How Resync Works:

  • First NPanday will check for the dependency in the local repository, if the dependency is not found NPanday proceeds to the next possible location.
  • If NPanday was not able to find the dependency in the local repository NPanday will proceed to check the remote repositories found in the user's settings.xml.
  • For SNAPSHOT Dependencies NPanday bases from the maven-metadata.xml and gets the latest time stamp versioned dependency.

    In the next section we revisit importing a project into Maven. Other topics are available on the index.