NPanday List of Workarounds

  • NPanday generated output files have matching versions of that specified in the project's pom.xml version. If the output file does not match that of the pom.xml you need to specify the version of the maven-compile-plugin to the match that of the version of the NPanday that you are using.
  • Re-Importing a Project loses some references. Make sure that the added artifacts can be found in gac and/or local and/or remote repository, if not it won't be added in the pom though it is present in the References of VS.
  • Visual Basic Test goal errors can be due to incompatibilities between NPanday and the NUnit version used in the project. Changing the version of NUnit dependency in the project's pom.xml to <version><<>></version> will run the project successfully.
  • Visual Studio Addin is unable to build (compile) without installing the project. As a workaround, execute All NPanday Projects > Install first before All NPanday Projects > Build [compile].
  • NPanday is not recognizing Visual Basic test codes. The project should be re-imported using Generate Solution's POM Information... option from the menu before executing the All NPanday Projects > Test or All NPanday Projects > Install goal.
  • NPanday is unable to build projects with dependencies in remote repository. As a workaround, reimport the project.
  • NPanday cannot release with references from gac. To make this work, execute npanday.plugin:NPanday.Plugin.Sysref.JavaBinding:prepare before releasing the project.
  • Test goal output result is not refreshed for C# test project. To make this work, reimport the project and change the value of the test. Then, perform Current Project: Test.
  • Addin Error with Test Goal is encountered. Verification can be done in two ways as listed below.
    1. Use ProjectImporter. This creates two separate NPanday projects.
      1. Import project with a main and a test module.
      2. Perform Maven Phase > All Project : Install.
      3. Perform Maven Phase > All Project : Test.
    2. Manually update the pom to specify the <testSourceDirectory>.
      1. Import project with a main and a test module.
      2. Update <testSourceDirectory> to point to the test project.
      3. Update <testIncludeSources> in the configuration element to add the test source codes individually.
      1. Perform Maven Phase > All Project : Install.
      2. Perform Maven Phase > All Project : Test.