Releasing .NET Projects

This section provides details in preparing .Net projects with references (DLLs) for release. The procedures for command line execution and using Apache Continuum for build management in preparing the project are provided.

When invoking the release plugin using the command

mvn npanday.plugin:NPanday.Plugin.SysRef.JavaBinding:prepare

The reference (DLL) will be searched from C:\WINDOWS\assembly\GAC_MSIL directory and will be put in C:\WINDOWS\Temp\NPanday then renamed following the artifact filename format [artifactId]-[version].[packaging].

Note: The above command should be invoked especially when releasing projects will references to gac.

After the reference is renamed, it will then be installed in the local repository C:\Documents and Settings\[user_home]\.m2\repository for it to be used when releasing the project.

The following are examples of references of different types which are renamed then installed in the local repository,