NPanday Frequently Asked Questions

Why is NPanday named as such?

Since NPanday is a project that builds .NET Applications, we brainstormed for a name that would symbolize a great builder, a builder that would have more freedom from its predecessor.

Panday is a bisaya word for carpenter/builder and at the same time Panday is a fictional Filipino comic hero that would fight monsters using a dagger which magically turns into a sword when raised into the sky. The materials of the dagger came from a meteorite that struck down on earth during the reign of the monsters and supernatural beings. Panday fights to bring back freedom and peace to the people once more.

What are the requirements needed to run NPanday?

You would need to install the following:

  • Nunit
  • Java 1.5 or higher
  • Apache Maven 2.0.4 or higher

Do you need to have intensive knowledge on the Apache Maven or Java in order to run NPanday?

No. Since NPanday aims to run on the back ground. The user will have minimal interaction with Apache Maven.

Can NPanday build projects outside of VS since it is a VS Addin?

Yes. Since NPanday creates a pom file from your corresponding .Net Project you can build your .Net Projects using Apache Maven commands.

Why use NPanday when you can build .Net Applications in Visual Studio?

  • NPanday aims for Continuous Integration and Artifact Repository Management for your .Net Applications using Open Source Technology. By using NPanday, you can take advantage of existing development infrastructure that is compatible with Maven.

How can a custom settings.xml be used for the Visual Studio Addin?

Add the -DsettingsFile=[path_to_custom_settings.xml_file] parameter when executing mvn npanday.plugin:maven-vsinstaller-plugin:install. For example,

mvn npanday.plugin:maven-vsinstaller-plugin:install -DsettingsFile="C:\settings.xml"

How do I set the root namespace for a Visual Basic assembly?

Add the <rootNameSpace> element under <configuration> inside the maven-compile-plugin plugin. Just like the following:


Where can I get the NPanday VS Addin installers?

NPanday VS Addin installers can be downloaded from the NPanday site, under the Releases tab.

In this page, you can see different files to download such as:

  • VS Addin Installer - installs the VS Addin
  • VS Addin + Repository Installer - installs the VS Addin with the NPanday repository
  • Source - NPanday source codes for those who want to contribute to the community
  • Repository - NPanday repository containing the artifacts commonly used