Welcome to NPanday

NPanday provides Maven 2.x plugins to support building .NET applications at the command line or in your IDE. It enables you to use Visual Studio with a Maven-compatible development infrastructure.

NPanday is its own framework, the goal of which is to provide a common Maven build environment across .NET compilers (C#, VB), vendors (Microsoft, Novell, DotGNU), and platforms (Windows, Linux). This framework leverages Maven for the build lifecycle, making it a small compiler-plugin-framework on top of the larger Maven build-framework.

NPanday Maven Integration Features support console, window and web based applications as listed below.

C# & VB Project supported project types

  • Windows Application
  • Class Library
  • Console Application
  • Device Application
  • Crystal Reports Application
  • ASP .NET Web Application
  • ASP .Net Web Service Application
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Web Site supported project types

  • ASP.Net Web Site
  • ASP .NET Web Service

To be more specific, NPanday supported project types are: CSharp (library, executable), VbDotNet (library, executable), Web_Site, and Web_Application, Windows_Presentation_Foundation__WPF, Windows_Communication_Foundation__WCF.

And the combination of types supported are: Web_Site + CSharp, Web_Site + VbDotNet, Web_Application + CSharp, and Web_Application + VbDotNet, Windows_Presentation_Foundation__WPF + CSharp, Windows_Presentation_Foundation__WPF + VbDotNet, Windows_Communication_Foundation__WCF + CSharp, Windows_Communication_Foundation__WCF + VbDotNet.

NPanday supported project structures are as follows:

  • Flat Single Module Project
  • Normal Single Project
  • Flat Multi Module Project
  • Normal Multi Module Project

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