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This document is part of a proposal currently being refined and is not yet ready for use.

This document describes an experiment in which only selected podlings may take part. The procedure for joining the experiment is (will be) described in the incubation policy page.

Experimental Release Guide (DRAFT)

Release Procedure

Once a release candidate is ready, the Release Manager creates a Release Manifest as a plain text file at$PODLING and fills in all initial fields:

== Apache Release Manifest ===============================================

Project: Apache Foo
Release Candidate: Apache Foo 1.2.3-incubating RC1
Release Manager: Grace Hopper (ghopper)
PPMC vote thread URL:
Approved by Mentor: 

== Contents ==============================================================

A [VOTE] thread is started on the podling's dev list in accordance with Incubator policy on releases. The email kicking off the [VOTE] contains a link URL for the Manifest. While the [VOTE] is in progress, reviewers update the Manifest accordingly, signing each item with their Apache ID to indicate that they have reviewed it and found it OK. Comments are optional.

== Reviewers and release votes ===========================================

+1 PPMC Grace Hopper (ghopper)
+1 PPMC Niklaus Wirth (nwirth)

== Review Items ==========================================================

1.1 Checksums and PGP signatures are valid.
    Reviewers: ghopper nwirth 

2.1 Build is successful including automated tests.
    Reviewers: ghopper nwirth 
        ghopper: Relay test still broken on Mark II (FOO-35). +1 anyway.

Reviewers don't need to look at all items; as long as there's sufficient coverage of each item the release can go out. To complete the Manifest, it must be approved by a Mentor:

Approved by Mentor: Alan Turing (aturing)

If the dev list [VOTE] passes, a [VOTE] on general@incubator is called, again in accordance with Incubator release policy and again referencing the Manifest URL.

Once the voting process concludes -- regardless of success or failure -- the Release Manager archives the Manifest permanently by moving it from votes/$PODLING/ to votes/$PODLING/archive/.

Release Manifest Template

Podlings typically start from the Incubator's default Release Manifest template, which contains a checklist of review items. Optionally, a custom template may be created by augmenting the default Manifest template with additional review items.