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This document is targeted at Incubator PMC members. A project PMC is responsible for managing a project. If you are not a member of a PMC, you'll find this document totally useless since all information presented here assumes that you are a member of the PMC.

So, if you are not a PMCer, but wish to become one, start with the participation guide.

For further information, see the Apache FAQ for PMC members

Starting a new Project

After a project has been accepted by Apache by a positive vote of a PMC, it can start incubation. Here are the initial steps.

1. Give the initial committers that are already Apache committers commit privileges to the "incubator" SVN modules, so that they can start helping with the project ASAP.

This can be done by the Incubator Chair (preferred as it's usually the fastest way), by infrastructure at apache dot org or anyone else that has the privs to do it. We are talking about adding people that are already in Apache and should not have any problem in gaining access to these public repositories.

Example with project Beta:

This involves updating the SVN authorization file which is located at:

First add the new podling group under the section headed: [groups]. List the committer ids in alphabetical order. For example:


Next, add the SVN access rule for the top-level podling directory (alphabetical order by pathname please). This allows the members of the group to update the podling SVN directory tree. For example:

@alpha = rw

@beta = rw

@gamma = rw


2. Add the status page template for the project and publish the site.

Copy the following status template to content/projects/${project}.xml and add an entry to the content/podlings.xml file. See the full instructions for updating the website.

To update the site requires membership of the LDAP incubator unix group. If the committers were not previously in a podling, they may need to be added by a PMC chair:

# Login to people (minotaur)

$ incubator -add=alice,bert,charlie,mike
When Infra create a new committer for an Incubator project, they will normally do this for you.

3. Make sure the Chair adds the Mentor(s) to the PMC.

4. Send a mail to general at incubator dot apache dot org telling that the above things have been done and invite the project members to start working with the status page items.

In particular you may want to cite this:

IP Clearance template