Droids Core 0.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT API

org.apache.droids This package is the principal package for Apache Droids.
org.apache.droids.api This package defines all interfaces that we are using for droids.
org.apache.droids.delay This package is the principal package for Apache Droids Delay Timers.
org.apache.droids.exception This package defines some custom exceptions that we are using in droids.
org.apache.droids.handle This package contains some basic implementations of various handlers.
org.apache.droids.helper This package contains various helper.
org.apache.droids.helper.factories This package contains all core factories that we use in Droids.
org.apache.droids.net This package contains various helper for the work with protocols and network communication.
org.apache.droids.parse This package contains various helper and implementations around parsing.
org.apache.droids.parse.html This package contains various parser.
org.apache.droids.protocol This package contains various class around the support of protocol specific classes.
org.apache.droids.protocol.file This package contains various file protocol implementations.
org.apache.droids.protocol.http This package contains various http protocol implementations.


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