Understanding a Drill Query

Drill provides intuitive and familiar semantics to perform self-service data exploration. Here is a quick look at a Drill query.

All you need is to write regular ANSI SQL queries, and point to the right location of the data source. Drill takes care of the rest for you - no schema definitions or complex ETL required.

Here are some examples of Drill queries:

Querying a directory in File system:
SELECT   errorLevel, count(*)
FROM     dfs.logs.`/AppServerLogs`
GROUP BY errorLevel;
Querying an Hbase table without creating any Hive metastore entries
SELECT cf1.month, cf1.year
FROM   hbase.table1;
Querying nested data within an HBase table
SELECT profile.name, profile.children
  SELECT CONVERT_FROM(cf1.profileBlob, 'json') AS profile
  FROM hbase.users

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