About Blur

Blur is a search platform capable of searching massive amounts of data in a cloud computing environment.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Blur CoreThe Blur core module contains the majority of the server logic.
Blur ThriftThe Blur thrift module contains all the generated Thrift code, as well as a repackaged version of Thrift (Thrift 0.9.0). It also contains the thrift client connection managers.
Blur QueryThe Blur query module contains all the analyzers, query object and parsers for Blur. Also the type system is in the Blur query module.
Blur StoreThe Blur store module contains all the Lucene directories and block cache for Blur.
Blur Map ReduceThe Blur Map Reduce module contains the BlurOutputFormat as well as a CSVLoader program.
Blur UtilThe Blur util module contains mostly utility classes used throughout the Blur project.
Blur GUIThe Blur gui module contains the html status pages for each process.
Blur ShellThe Blur shell module contains a shell for interacting with Blur. All shell commands can be called as a CLI program as well.
Blur JDBCThe Blur jdbc module contains a basic jdbc driver for Blur that interacts with the Thrift RPC servers.
DistributionThe Blur distribution module builds the source and binary artifacts.